25 euro for 2 hours of your time (7T MRI study)

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You will earn 25 euros + transport costs in exchange for 2 hours of your time. You’ll get 30min of paper works and explanation of the task and lie 1,5 hours inside a 7T MRI scanner in the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging in Amsterdam. This is safe, but a bit uncomfortable because you have to lie very still. In the scanner you will do the task. Before the research, you will get a small online questionnaire to make sure I can scan you given that MRI is magnetic, so you cannot have anything magnetic on/in your body. You’ll also get an info letter to read through. The appointment can take place on a weekday between 9-5 and we make the appointment together beforehand, so that I can reserve the scanner. You can cancel up until 48hours before the appointment. 24hours before the scan, you’ll also get some corona virus related questions you have to answer. 

The task will involve watching images of all kinds of objects. After the scanning I can study where in the brain these different kinds of objects are processed. These regions are responsible for your ability to recognize all kinds of shapes as e.g. faces of people, cats, chairs, … (and are thus crucial for daily functioning), but are not often researched using a 7T MRI and these results will thus be very important for the research on this topic.

Please send me an email if you’re interested at ineke.pillet@kuleuven.be

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