Brain activity, cognitive performance and personality characteristics

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  • Brain activity, cognitive performance and personality characteristics
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    NOTE: ONLY HEALTHY MALES can participate

    Eligible participants are males with no hearing problems nor any physical or mental disorders. This study explores the relationship between brain activity and cognitive functions. This is a lab study, so you will have to come to the Erasmus Behavioral Lab on campus Woudestein. The participant with the best score on all the tasks, including the one during the second assessment, will win 100 euro.

    This experiment consists of two parts. During the first part, participants will fill in questionnaires. After that, we will be recording brain activity with EEG and measuring skin conductance rate (the electrical conductance of the skin in response to skin secretion, e.g., sweating) and cognitive functions through a few computer tasks. One part of the experiment consists of looking at potentially unpleasant pictures.

    The second part of the experiment will take place one week after the first visit to the lab and it will last 30 minutes During this second visit, participants will fill in questionnaires and they will perform a computer task.

    Additional information: Withdrawal from the study is possible at any time with no consequences. All data will be anonymized.

    Language: English OR Dutch

    IMPORTATNT: Answer a few questions to see whether you can participate here:

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