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This study will investigate the role of stress hormones in intentional forgetting, using electroencephalograph (EEG). We will compare the effects of two medicines that block the two stress hormone systems (i.e., metyrapone and propranolol) and this will be compared to a placebo (a non-active substance).

This is a three part study, taking place across 2 weeks. Your participation will last a total of approximately 7.5 hours. On day 1, you will undergo a medical screening. On day 2, we will record a number of baseline measures and you will produce descriptions of events you fear for your future. EEG will be recorded during this day. On day 3, you will be administered one of the medicines or a placebo. You will then be exposed to a demanding situation and thereafter perform computer based memory tasks. EEG will be recorded during this day.

Please first complete our pre-screening to check you are eligible to take part in our study. If you meet all the criteria, you will be given a code. Please email this code to and we will send you an information brochure with further details of the study.



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