Do you want another sip? Investigating decision-making in the laboratory

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Inclusion criteria: a) female, b) body mass index above 18.5, c) like the taste of milkshake. Exclusion criteria: a) a current psychiatric diagnosis, b) chronic ear problems (e.g. tinnitus), c) known brain injuries or neurological conditions.

The study takes place in one of the laboratories of FPN at Universiteitssingel 40. You are asked to refrain from eating and drinking anything besides water 2 hours before the beginning of the study. 
During acomputer task, you will sometimes receive a sip of milkshake, so it is important that you like the taste of milkshake. The milkshake will be delivered directly into your mouth with the help of a small pump, tubes and a mouthpiece. This is not aversive. 
Additionally, a number of small electrodes will be attached to your face. For this reason, we ask you to refrain from wearing heavy make-up. The electrodes will be stuck near your left eyebrow, nose and the corner of your mouth. The electrodes are not dangerous, they are used to register movements.

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