How does the city make you feel?

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Online en op Locatie

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Online phase

1) Click the link below and select one of our locations in Utrecht, there you can enter the online survey.

2) Observe a few pictures showing different places from Utrecht and answer questions related to them.

3) Three rounds = three pictures, each representing a difference scene.

4) Give us your opinion about the environment.

5) It takes about 10 minutes to complete the online part.

6) Have fun.


Reality check

1) After finishing the online survey, you’ll be asked to do the same assessment in reality > select yes

2) Then you’ll be given exact locations, where we meet and do the assessment of all three locations together.
3) We let you to choose from different time slots.

4) Again it takes about 10 minutes for each location (three in total).

5) When done, you’ll get a 5 euro voucher for shopping on Bol.

a link for a map view to start the online survey:

What is this project about? 

Using photos as a tool to studying the environment we live in. It simply means that we want to know more about how people perceive and what they think about everything from a bus station to a city park.

Details onderzoek

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