Individual differences in Anxiety **ONLINE STUDY**

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  • Individual differences in Anxiety **ONLINE STUDY**
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    We would like to invite you to participate in our online research, in which we study individual differences in anxiety. During the experiment you will complete a number of questionnaires that address your state of mind and your situation during the corona-crisis. In addition, you will perform a task in which you will see pictures on your screen and hear sounds, about which you will answer a couple of questions several times. These sounds may be experienced as unpleasant and could startle you. The entire experiment will take around 30 minutes, but if you decide to take the suggested breaks it will take longer. And you can simply complete it at home on your own laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, you cannot participate in this study if you have problems with your hearing.

    Please note as part of the experiment there is a visual and sound attention check, if you perform poorly your data will be rejected!

    To start the study please click on the link below:

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