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The purpose of this study is to investigate if a specific and harmless medication (D-cycloserine at a very low dose) can affect pain modulation. In combination with heat stimulations on your arm, you will receive light electrical stimulation that is known to increase pain. We will make scans of your brain to explore how the medication affects increased pain. The study is very safe and you will generally experience only moderate and very short heat pain stimuli; most people find the pain stimulations during the study completely fine.

For this study, you will be asked to come to the lab on one occasion (max 5 hours). During the first part, you will be screened for inclusion, we will measure your pain sensitivity, and we will attach devices to your skin that can measure your responses and deliver stimuli. In the second part you will receive the medication or placebo and you will complete some short tasks. We will then conduct a series of pain tests, involving the application of heat and electrical stimuli via safe and validated methods and devices, in the MR scanner. Your main task will be to rate the heat stimuli throughout the experiment. 

Who can participate?
Individuals who are healthy and have a good understanding of spoken and written English.

If you are on prescription medication right now (except contraception or antihistamines for allergies) you will not be able to participate. Most people pass our screening for inclusion if they are not on medication and never had a serious health condition.

You are not eligible to participate this study if you: 
1) are on any perception medication (except contraceptives) 
2) have used any psychotropic or recreational drugs in the past month 
3) have ever suffered from any mental or chronic physical medical condition 
4) have a history of chronic pain (for more than 6 months) 
5) are pregnant or breastfeeding 
6) suffer from claustrophobia 
7) are colour-blind or have (uncorrected) vision or hearing problems 
8) have any permanent metal parts in or on your body 

The study instructions require that you: 
– do not take any medication in the 24 hours before your appointment (except contraceptives) 
– do not consume any alcohol or other drugs in the 24 hours before your appointment
– come to your appointment on an empty stomach. This means that you cannot eat anything in the 3 hours prior to your appointment, but you can drink water
– do not drink any caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee, tea, or cola in the 5 hours prior to your appointment 

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