Study of environmental stressors

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  • Study of environmental stressors
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    Our study aims to understand better how urban and natural environments affect human emotions, stress, and well-being. The main goal of this research is to identify which environmental factors in city environments provoke stress reactions or induce calmness. As a secondary goal, we aim to produce maps depicting stress/relaxation levels for the areas where we performed measurements. The survey will be performed in Utrecht.


    The survey consists of (1) measuring environmental data, (2) participant’s physiological data, and (3) participant’s subjective perception of the environment during a single experimental walk through Utrecht. The measurements are safe and the recording devices are non-obstructive for the participant. We prepared six different routes for the experimental walk, spanned across multiple regions in Utrecht (Centrum, Abstede, Kanaleneiland, Leidsche Rijn, and Overvecht).


    As a participant, you will carry a GPS-logger that can be worn around your neck (see

    Fig. 1). You will also wear a special wrist band that measures your heart rate, skin conductivity, and skin temperature (see Fig. 2.). The whole experiment will take 2-3 hours, and it will include walking through six pre-selected stops. The stops are within a walking distance of 5-12 minutes, and at each stop, we will need around 15 minutes to complete all the measurements. On the selected stops, we will use a GoPro camera to take 360° panorama pictures of the environment (see Fig. 3.), measure the ambient noise levels, the ambient temperature, and ask you to fill in a survey assessing your perception of the environment. It should be noted that some of the stops are located on busy streets with heavy traffic or construction sites. You will not be exposed to dangerous situations, but the experience may feel unpleasant or irritating.

    Due to the risk of the corona, at least a 1.5-meter distance must be maintained with the researcher and people walking by. We also advise avoiding the use of public transportation.

    Your participation is voluntary and you are allowed to withdraw from the research at any time without stating a reason.

    For every hour of your participation in the research, you will be compensated with 10 euros (e.g. 2 hours 30 minutes equal 25 euro)



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