Understanding our brain signal, using EEG, to improve health-care

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To improve health-care we aim to better understand the brain signals related to impairments. In our experiment you will get to wear an EEG cap and see your own brain signal, while performing some audio and/or visual tasks.

For an hour of your time you will receive a gift certificate of 25 euros, with a wide variety of choices. In addition you will get to experience an EEG experiment up close

When & where
Testing will mostly be performed right next to the central station of nijmegen. However, our lab is portable so if there is sufficient interest (and a quiet room) we can come and test on a location that is most practical for you.

send and email to luc@mindaffect.nl

Details onderzoek

18-24 jaar, 25-30 jaar, 31-35 jaar, 36-40 jaar, 41-45 jaar, 46-55 jaar, 56-65 jaar

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minder dan 60 min

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